Rodger (Tony) Stuart
Safety Director & Chief Pilot

Mr. Stuart received his helicopter training in the U.S. Army from 1967-1971, during which time he completed a combat tour of duty in the Republic of Vietnam. Mr. Stuart then spent the next thirteen years of his career furthering his skills and experiences, holding positions such as Chief Pilot and Chief Flight Instructor teaching Class A, B, and C external load techniques.

In 1984, he founded Helicopters International, a company specializing in powerline construction, maintenance and repair. He also served as the FAA designated Check Airman. Tony joined Winco in 1995, and has logged in excess of 14,000 hours, the majority of which are in the powerline construction field.


Gordon Winfree
President & CEO

Rodger (Tony) Stuart

Mike Patton
Chief Operating Officer

Brad Romanchuk
Chief Financial Officer

Doug Dixon
VP Construction Operations
& Line Training Director

Mike “Maynard” Duren
VP Construction Operations
& Equipment Director