American Electric Power Company
765kV Polymer Insulator Replacements
Winco was recently selected to remove and replace over three hundred damaged insulators on the Wyoming-Jacksons Ferry 765kV transmission line project.  Winco completed this project in approximately four weeks without any incidents.


Florida Power & Light
500kV Dead-End Structure Replacement
This project consisted of replacing the weakened 3 steel poles with 40,000 lb. concrete structures. With limited access and an aggressive schedule, Winco was able to complete this project in five days, the first of its kind on FPL's 500kV transmission system.


Florida Power & Light 
Insulator Replacements Entire 500kV Transmission Line System
Winco has a been working with FPL every spring for the past six years now, performing heavy glass insulator change- outs. To date, Winco has changed- out insulators on over 1,000 towers in FPL's 500kV transmission system.

PAR Electrical Contractors
Wyoming - Jacksons Ferry 765kV Transmission Line
Winco was selected to provide helicopter support operations for this landmark project in West Virginia, one of the longest and most challenging 765kV lines in the country. Winco helped their client alleviate some of the challenges imposed on them by the rough terrain in the area.

Path 15: Los Banos - Gates 500kV Transmission Line
Winco has worked with InfraSource companies for over a decade on several projects, including the largest and one of the most anticipated projects in previous years, Path 15. Winco assisted in many of the phases of the construction process on this project, and was an integral component of the contractor being able to meet the compressed construction schedule.

Florida Power & Light
Hurricane Restoration Various Transmission Lines
Winco has a proven ability to be a first responder when disasters such as the hurricane season of 2005 occur. Within 5 hours of Hurricane Wilma's track over Florida, Winco had a helicopter and crew assessing the damage and assisting FPL with first response plan and power restoration activities.