Mike Patton
Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Patton started with Winco, Inc. as an A&P Mechanic in 1992. Since then, he has performed many functions for the company which has provided him with a wide range of knowledge necessary for the success of the ongoing operations. In 1996, Mr. Patton was promoted to the position of Director of Maintenance. Mr. Patton's duties included establishing an in-house safety program, and serving as the committee chair.

In February of 2000, Mr. Patton was promoted to the position of General Manager, which he served as until 2006 when he was appointed Chief Operating Officer of Winco. His understanding of all aspects of the company operations and his ability to interact successfully with customers have been a great benefit to the company.


Gordon Winfree
President & CEO

Rodger (Tony) Stuart
Safety Director & Chief Pilot

Mike Patton

Brad Romanchuk
Chief Financial Officer

Doug Dixon
VP Construction Operations
& Line Training Director

Mike “Maynard” Duren
VP Construction Operations
& Equipment Director