Doug Dixon
VP Construction Operations & Line Training Director

Doug joined Winco in January of 2006, and brings with him over 27 years of experience in new construction and maintenance of transmission and distribution lines, including extensive knowledge in tower assembly and erection, conductor installation, aerial framing, and crane and helicopter erection. Doug has previously worked with Winco directly as an employee earlier in his career, and along side them during many other projects, while he was working for other contractors.

Doug was previously with InfraSource Transmission Services (formerly Maslonka & Associates, Inc.), where he was a Project Superintendent, managing phases on their major 500-kV projects including both Path 15 and Schultz-Wautoma.

Doug has also worked for other notable line construction firms, including Mustang Line Contractors, J.O.B. Line, Anderson Wood Construction, and Seaward Construction. 


Gordon Winfree
President & CEO

Rodger (Tony) Stuart
Safety Director & Chief Pilot

Mike Patton
Chief Operating Officer

Brad Romanchuk
Chief Financial Officer

Doug Dixon

Mike “Maynard” Duren
VP Construction Operations
& Equipment Director