Brad Romanchuk
Chief Financial Officer

Brad is responsible for the overall development, implementation and monitoring of the company’s financial strategies. Brad is also responsible for establishing new and maintaining existing banking, investment banking, insurance and surety relationships.

Prior to working with Winco, Brad served as Chief Financial Officer of Maslonka & Associates, Inc., now InfraSource Transmission Services, a division of InfraSource Services, Inc. (NYSE: IFS).

Brad is a licensed CPA in the state of Arizona and holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accountancy from Arizona State University.


Gordon Winfree
President & CEO

Rodger (Tony) Stuart
Safety Director & Chief Pilot

Mike Patton
Chief Operating Officer

Brad Romanchuk

Doug Dixon
VP Construction Operations
& Line Training Director

Mike “Maynard” Duren
VP Construction Operations
& Equipment Director